The Problem
Peace and Conflict Transformation (PACT) is a minor at Anderson University (IN) that facilitates future peacemakers and attempts to create positive change in communities. Although PACT holds many open lectures and other opportunities on campus, many students and faculty still don't know what PACT is. I teamed up with PACT to create a short informational animation to spread the word of their mission. The goal was to extend awareness and boost interest in PACT's on-campus events and minor.

The Process
I slowly developed this film over about two months, but I only worked on the animation for a few days in total. I wanted to promote PACT (which I am a part of) and create an animation for the upcoming annual film festival that AU holds. I was heavily inspired by the work of Ordinary Folk and the Bible Project, specifically a video called "Firstborn" (see here) which I used as a jumping-off point.
Much of this animation is experimental on my part mainly because of the time constraint but also because I was given free reign over the direction of the animation.  I was responsible for the design, animation, and SFX, but I collaborated with my dear friend and fellow PACT minor Abigail Goldman on the script.

The entire animation was designed,  animated, and rendered on my 2020 M1 Macbook Air.​​​​​​​

Early rough sketches; brainstorming

Receiving the award onstage

Yours truly holding the Squawky Award for Best Animation

After Effects Behind the Scenes Coming Soon...